A long-term plan finally comes alive, and I am writing about one of my loves: Science…but with a twist!

I have a Ph.D. in molecular biology and years of research experience during as well as after Ph.D. My growing interest in the communication part of the business has led me to do a master’s degree in science communication. With much enthusiasm, I have been learning how to talk about science in an attractive and exciting way for everyone. I am also the parent of a very curious little man.

So I thought, why not blend my experiences and write about the science behind the questions that come to us while we go about the family life, but we don’t get the time to search for answers.

This blog is about the biology of things that keeps fascinating me every day. It gets inspiration from myself as a scientist and mother, my everyday experiences and from our family life with our son who is a growing wonder. I hope it will be a read for your family.

Your comments and feedback are fully welcome. If you are a scientist yourself and thinking there could be more said about the science of a certain topic, your contribution in the comments section is most appreciated. If you have questions in mind that are within the scope of this blog, feel free to leave them in ‘your questions’ page, and I will do my best to address them.

Enjoy the blog,

Betul Hekimoglu